Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

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With more than six decades of combined trial work, we have defended clients in over 250 criminal trials.  Our expert criminal defense lawyers & attorneys know the legal system and we use our knowledge to prepare an aggressive strategy for your defense.

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Sometimes there is just no substitute for experience.  And when the stakes are high, in the case of a major felony charge, there is no room for error.  The law firm of Yanchuck Berman Wadley & Zervos PA brings to the table unshakable confidence and unbeatable competence.

Complex information, deadlines, and decisions can leave you in a state of spiraling confusion.  However, you cannot afford to miss one step in a process that can jeopardize your future and that of your family.  The expertise of Yanchuck Berman Wadley & Zervos PA stands with you through every stage of a felony case.  We routinely interpret legal intricacies and provide the clarity you need to understand the process.

Let us protect your constitutional rights

When law enforcement officers arrest an individual without probable cause, that individual may be able to clear the incident from their record and receive compensation for their grief and embarrassment.  Those sworn to uphold the law have a responsibility to follow well-defined procedures before taking an individual into custody, but isolated instances may occasionally find officers making judgments that turn out to be less than prudent.

In certain cases, false arrests may also carry civil rights implications when the reason for an individual’s detention is based more on demographic features than on any criminal misdoings.  Incarcerated individuals may become victims of civil rights violations when detention officers exceed procedural limitations and subject inmates to humiliation and intimidation.  Withholding food, water, or reasonable medical care creates an environment of suffering and degradation for which government agencies can be held accountable.

Retail stores are a common venue for false arrests, particularly when inadequate training puts ill-prepared security staff in positions of authority.  If a store’s security personnel detain an individual on the suspicion of shoplifting without proof, the accused person has grounds for a false arrest case.  Prolonged detention prior to any official law enforcement involvement can inflict undue emotional trauma on the detainee.

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If you have been charged with a crime, call to schedule a free assessment of your case.  We can establish a plan that delivers the optimal outcome for you.  Call the expert criminal defense lawyers & attorneys at Yanchuck Berman Wadley & Zervos PA at (727) 822.6313 or contact us online.