Other Vehicular Accidents

Truck, Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents

Our expert Personal Injury Trial Lawyers & Attorneys help truck, motorcycle& bicycle accident victims in Florida secure fair compensation

Many vehicles, other than cars, travel the roadways.  Accidents involving vehicles of either very large or very small size often carry special circumstances and more devastation in terms of injuries and property damage.  Repair and maintenance records often come into play, as an unsafe vehicle may contribute to the occurrence and severity of an accident involving a motorcycle or a bicycle.  Yanchuck Berman Wadley & Zervos PA expert personal injury trial lawyers & attorneys have the experience and resources necessary to defend the rights of an accident victim regardless of the type of vehicles involved.

Truck accidents

We share the road with truck drivers who hold significant responsibility for the vehicles they drive and what they carry.  Flatbed trucks, semi tractor-trailers, delivery vans, and utility vehicles are included in this group of vehicles.  When loads shift, objects and debris can impact other vehicles, causing accidents and injury.  And when larger trucks collide with passenger vehicles, catastrophic damage, severe injury, and loss of life are all too often the tragic realities.

In some cases, loads are not correctly stacked and/or secured, trucks may lack adequate maintenance, and truck drivers may not be sufficiently trained and properly licensed.  Or truck equipment like reverse horns and signal lighting may be broken or non-existent.  These scenarios can create hazardous situations for innocent car and motorcycle and bicycle riders.

If you have sustained a serious injury as a result of a truck accident where the fault was not your own, our expert truck injury trial lawyers & attorneys work to get you the full compensation you deserve.  Our truck injury lawyers & attorneys thoroughly research Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, truck maintenance and repair records, and the truck driver’s history to establish a strong case that delivers maximum compensation for the damage and injuries you receive.

Motorcycle accidents

A licensed rider operating a motorcycle within the boundaries of the law has the same right to the roadways as drivers in cars, trucks, and vans.  Unfortunately, other motorists do not always respect this fact.  When a lack of awareness or lack of concern imperils a reasonable means of transportation, horrific accidents can occur.

Examples of roadway negligence include—

  • Following too closely
  • Failure to properly signal a turn
  • Rapid lane changes

Unfortunately, motorists may become accustomed to how reckless they can be when moving among other vehicles of similar size.  However, motorists are also responsible for paying attention and monitoring the smaller profiles of motorcycles and making the appropriate adjustments. If you are the victim of a motorcycle accident as the result of another driver’s careless actions, our motorcycle accident lawyers and attorneys will work tirelessly to see that you get maximum compensation for the damages and injuries you suffer as a result.

Bicycle accidents

Bicyclists who use the roadways are entitled to equal consideration, regardless of whether official bike lanes exist.  Motorists who fail to allow bicyclists a reasonable amount of space, turn in front of them at intersections, or otherwise exhibit reckless disregard can create dangerous situations with potentially catastrophic results. Our Bicycle injury lawyers and attorneys will help you get just compensation for your damages and injuries and you won’t pay unless we win the case.

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